Maybe it's about closed marketplaces? Nope.

[This is part 2 of an on-going saga. Re-read part 1. Or move on to part 3.] Yesterday, I brain dumped in response to Notch's complaints on Twitter. My goal with that post was to point out that Microsoft reached out to Notch in a friendly attempt to get Minecraft listed in the Windows Store as a desktop app, not a "Metro" app. His reaction to the email appeared to be based on confusion surrounding how apps work on Windows 8 and the new Windows Store.

But a buddy of mine -- Leo Davidson -- suggested that I may have missed Notch's point, writing:

[...] he disagrees with the move to a model where Microsoft control[s] which [what] software people find [...] Rather than support that model, as easy as it might be for him, he would rather have nothing to do with it, even if it means his games reach a smaller audience as a result.

That would be a fair point, ... if Mojang AB wasn't already participating in identical models:

Rev 1: Added Amazon's App Store, thanks to reader Ian A.