More signs pointing at Windows 8 on next-gen Xbox?

Over the weekend, an alleged next-generation Xbox development kit posed for photographs and sold itself on eBay. Most of the shots were dull and boring but one included a peek at an old build of Visual Studio 2012 with Durango tools wired up. Worth noting was:

  1. The presence of Package.appxmanifest in the solution.
  2. The use of the Windows::ApplicationModel::Core::CoreApplication::Exit() method.

Assuming the shot is real, these nuggets lend more credibility to the rumor that the next-gen Xbox will be powered by a SKU of Windows 8 and that apps will be written to the tune of the Windows Runtime API -- maybe even exclusively, scrapping Win32 access altogether. Interesting stuff.

Hat tip to Windows Blog Italia who wrote about references to Xbox in the Windows 8 kernel a year ago.