Solve the Microsoft Monday Mystery and win a "Million" dollars

Update: Game over, we'll review the entries and inform the winner as soon as possible.

At 3:30pm Pacific, or sometime today, Microsoft will be making a "major announcement". Rumors swirling around suggest that Microsoft is revealing a new device, a tablet perhaps. So in light of that, Paul Thurrott and I are running a little game:

Solve the Microsoft Monday Mystery -- that is, exactly name (not describe) the mystery device/product before it's announced -- and you'll win a "Million" US dollars. "Million" herein defined as $100.00 of course, to put towards your purchase of whatever the gizmo may be.

Here's how it works:

  1. Verify you have a PayPal account. (Sorry, we can't send checks, cheques, dollar bills, etc.)
  2. Make a guess in the comments below. (Make sure you use a valid email.)
  3. Wait for Microsoft to make their announcement.
  4. We pick the first person who guessed correctly. In the case of no winners, we may pick "the closest" deemed by us.
BONUS: The winner will also receive a rare double-autographed copy of Windows 8 Secrets.
Good luck!