Windows 8 Secrets: A Peek at Internet Explorer "Flip Ahead"

With Windows 8 Release Preview now out, bloggers and writers around the world will be rushing to post desktop screenshots and generic overviews, missing some of the deeper hidden additions to Windows 8. One of those additions is an Internet Explorer 10 feature called Flip Ahead. Flip Ahead is about simplifying the navigation model on a webpage with paginated and/or related content. With this feature turned on, Internet Explorer will detect navigation links -- like those in a multi-page article on Ars Technica -- and let users flick forward, or flip ahead, to the next page. There are no futile attempts at tapping tiny links or looking for “next page” links on a badly designed website.

Here’s a video example of Flip Ahead in action on my co-author Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows:

Stay tuned to the IE Blog (or Building Windows 8 blog) for a deeper dive on how Flip Ahead works and for tips on tailoring your site to work with this new behavior.