Deep Dive: Skype OEM Preinstallation Kit

So, our old pal Bink tipped off the Internet on the availability of a Skype OPK. Microsoft's OEM page notes:

Traditional OEM Preinstallation Kits (OPKs) for Windows and Office contain a wealth of technical information to address numerous scenarios; they are designed to meet the needs of the wide range of OEMs who build PCs. The OPK contains everything you need to deploy Skype 5.8, including the installer application and instructions on how to silently install Skype for your customers.

Yep, they weren't kidding:


The executable employs the use of an executable packer, UPX. That's bound to trip up some malware scanners for sure.

The 6-page deployment documentation guides system builders in specifying various arguments -- things like install directory and language choice. A tiny step towards PC/Windows integration I guess.

(Due to various agreements, I can't share any of the actual bits.)