Fixed AMD Catalyst drivers for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Update 03/01/2011: AMD has made even better drivers available today. To force folks to upgrade, I've removed the .cat files. These newer drivers include fixes for crashing Metro applications, weird resolutions, and even come with Catalyst Control Center. So, AMD made a boo-boo in the creation of the driver's catalog (.cat) file for their Windows 8 Preview Drivers breaking support for Windows 8 Consumer Preview users. Specifically, they incorrectly hashed their driver INF file -- or correctly hashed it but tampered with it later -- causing Windows to choke.

No big deal. I went ahead and resigned their drivers with my certificate. For those who want to give these drivers a proper evaulation, feel free to grab a new .cat file for your platform (x86 untested / x64).

Some hand-holding steps below:

  1. Open \AMD\AMD_Display_Driver_Win8_Preview\Packages\Drivers\Display
  2. Open W7_INF (32-bit) or W76A_INF (64-bit)
  3. Drop in new .cat file (see above links)
  4. Install the driver as normal, via Device Manager

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