My diamond pickaxe is in the red

It’s that time again! No, not that time. It’s time for me to renew my yearly license for Hex Rays’ IDA Pro and Decompiler products. It is with these tools that I dig into privacy-violating Windows Phone applications, dissect rogue communications, document new Windows 8 features, and to breathe new life into broken USB toys. These tools will also be super duper important with the upcoming release of Windows on ARM (WoA) and Windows 8. Unfortunately, the refreshing of these products will cost me $1400 and I’m looking for a little help to offset that. After some number crunching, I discovered that if just over half (56%) of my followers on Twitter pitched in a mere 50 cents – less than the cost of an app on your phone – I’d be completely covered this year!

If you’re interested in helping out, simply click the two quarters below.

(Update: Thanks for all the donations, this run is over. Super super appreciated.)