12 hour Windows Phone Homebrew Backup Hackathon

Inspired by a recent App-a-thon event, in one hour I will drop everything I’m doing to attempt the creation of a backup application. I will continue at it until 6AM MST, staying up all night.

This homebrew backup application should allow me to backup Marketplace-derived applications, allowing them to be transferred to another device. Given the little time I’m giving myself to get this done, I’ve simplified my requirements to the following:

  • Must support backup of Marketplace-derived apps. (e.g. Plants vs. Zombies save state)
  • Must use sockets for easy PC<->Phone communication. Fishing crap out of Isolated Storage manually is unacceptable.
  • Must work on my Samsung Focus (v1.3) devices running Mango.
  • Must succeed in using saved app. state on restore target.

If I succeed, I will release the XAP and any information needed to use it/further development. Future posts will cover progress milestones as I reach them, so stay tuned.

You can hang out with me on Freenode IRC, if you’d like.