My thoughts on that text processing glitch

Tom Warren wrote up a piece yesterday regarding a glitch affecting the way Windows Phone handles text. (Sadly, he ran with a misleading and sensational title you’d expect from the pro-Apple All Things Digital camp.) The condensed version of his write up is that Windows Phone user Khaled Salameh had a buddy on Facebook post a message “in a weird font” that then trickled down to his phone causing OS issues. He isolated the string causing the issue and ran to the media with it.

Unfortunately, because of the actors involved, we’re missing a bunch of specifics. For example, we don’t have information on the affected OS versions or information on the string itself, aside from some hints. Nor if this is limited to a specific mobile operator, device type, transmission channel – we know of SMS, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger –, or position of my bear claws.

Shortly after Warren’s post went up, Salameh tweeted this issue isn’t limited to just Windows Phone. Dang, too late.