Beep every time you hit a breakpoint in Visual Studio

I was chatting recently with Microsoft Sr. SDE Garrett Serack – that cowboy open-source guy – and kept hearing a faint beep in the background. When asked what that was, he kindly shared he had configured Windows to emit a tone whenever he hit a breakpoint in Visual Studio. My eyes enlarged while I processed how awesome that was (and how long I’ve been unaware of this long-present feature in Visual Studio.)Program Events in Windows Sound applet

To set this up, simply open the Sound applet and click the Sounds tab. Scroll down the list of Program Events and locate Microsoft Visual Studio. The rest is pretty straight forward. I’m currently using a small “blip” sound from a public domain sounds archive. You can use anything you wish, however it must be converted to a WAV file. (Your best bet is to use a 1 second or less, subtle cue.)

What’s intriguing is that I feel like I’m processing breakpoint information more efficiently. By processing, I mean the audio cue gives me that “you’re at a breakpoint” information seemingly faster than processing the yellow/red color combo on the screen. If you’re aware of any research in the area of audio vs. visual cues, would love to read it.