Get rid of that atrocious Messenger sharing window

Paul Thurrott hates me.

One of the reasons I hate using Windows Live Messenger is that it contains overzealous photo and video sharing capabilities. I often share links with Paul Thurrott, for example, to only be greeted with a full screen representation of what’s behind my link… as if I needed confirmation of what I just pasted in. Worse is the fact that Messenger window gyrates, shakes, and moves around, repositioning itself for a direct view of my eyeballs. But wait, there’s more – all this affects the recipient too. That’s three strikes.

I’ve had this on my TOHACK list for quite some time now, perhaps even a year. But I never got to it. (Blame Minecraft.) Thankfully, I can scratch this off my list because someone by the pseudonym of Erazor beat me to it. Messenger customization software A-Patch (version 15.4.3538.0513) now features his hack in the form of two little checkboxes. Just run the utility and you’re cured for life. (Microsoft don’t really update Windows Live Messenger, so expect the change to stick for a long time.)

As those A-Patch folks would say: Praise be to God.


Nitpicker’s Corner: The recipient could disable the expansion of images on their screen by un-ticking “Automatically accept when I receive: Invitations to view photos”. But there is no option to disable this behavior for the originator.