New Windows Store tidbits, blog

Corporate vice president Antoine Leblond took to the stage and revealed a bunch of additional tidbits about the new Windows Store.

Revenue model: Successful apps earn 80 percent of every dollar of revenue earned after passing $25,000 USD in total revenue. The first $25,000 USD is paid out at the industry standard 70 percent revenue share.

This means Microsoft takes 30% of your profits, aligning with Apple’s offering. The differentiator here is that Microsoft will ease off when you exceed 25k, which could influence those deciding on a launch platform for their next whizamajig. Or Angry Birds clone.

Timing: Opening its doors at Windows 8 Beta in late February 2012, the Windows Store will welcome developers to begin submitting apps starting today through the First Apps Contest to be considered for the Store’s opening. More details on the contest can be found at

The Next Web called the timeframe. The contest looks fun, perhaps enough motivation for me to actually write that Minecraft administration tool. Long Zheng pinged me, wanting to port MetroTwit to WinRT, but discovered Australia isn’t good enough to apply. Poor bastard.

Opportunity: Windows presents the largest single platform opportunity for developers, with 500 million Windows 7 licenses sold around the world to date.

Assuming half of those folks upgraded, that’s 500 million potential eyeball views. Whoa.

Oh, and there’s a new Windows Store blog too.