The Windows Developer Preview PC is not a Samsung Series 7


Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC specs, shown at BUILD. © Microsoft Corporation

On Monday, BUILD attendees received a sweet new slate pre-loaded with Windows “8”, Visual Studio “11” and other sparkalies. Note I did not refer to it as a Samsung Series 7. That’s because it’s not one. While nearly identical specifications were shown via a slide during a BUILD Keynote, it was void of some important details that Long Zheng and I gathered via an interesting BUILD expo hall scavenger hunt.

The preview hardware consists of, for example:

  • Newer firmware (04WJ.M005.20110826.LDG, 8/26/2011)
  • An Option (GTM67x) chip for WiFi, phone and GPRS connectivity.
  • A Silicon Labs (CP210x) chip for USB<->UART-based scenarios
  • A Trusted Platform Module (1.2)
  • More sensors/gizmos, like:
    • NXP’s Near field Communications chip (NFC)
    • A Bluetooth LE chip (although OS support isn’t quite ready/turned on)
    • A gyroscope
    • An ambient light sensor

I can’t say what’s better or cheaper in this case but I can say purchasing a retail Samsung Series 7 slate won’t net you a Windows Developer Preview slate; Your mileage will vary.