Short: Microsoft shows new Start Menu, a Gadget, and configurable Start Screen?

New Start Menu and what appears to be a new Desktop Gadget
New Start Menu, and what appears to be a new Desktop Gadget. (© Microsoft Corporation)

In a new Building Windows 8 post revolving around newly added ISO and VHD mounting/manipulation additions to Windows 8, Microsoft revealed a few more tidbits of previously unseen Windows 8 UI.

First was a simplified, flat Start Menu featuring expected monochromatic Metro-infused icons. The simplification of this area reinforces the notion that the Windows Desktop is secondary subsystem within the new Start Screen UI.

Second was this odd block floating on the desktop, likely to be that of a Windows Gadget or a detached chunk of Start Screen, featuring the time, date, network connectivity state and power levels. I could be off, though.

Third, as Rajeev was signing off, a laptop was shown in the background with a never-before-seen configuration of the Start Screen – one featuring smaller square tiles smushed to the left side of the screen.

Did you see anything else that caught your eye?