The phones that OEMs didn’t want you to see at WPC’11

During the second keynote given at the 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Steve Guggenheimer (Microsoft VP, OEM Division) took stage and demoed several new Mango-era phones to be released presumably at launch. Specifically, a thin new Samsung device was shown – which at first looked like a thin Focus but more closely resembles a Galaxy S II – along with Acer, ZTE, and Fujitsu devices.

Strangely, the coverage on these devices is slowly disappearing from the Internet. I’m told requests are trickling out from Microsoft to get device announcement video/image content removed due to OEM rumblings. A clip of the (soon to be infamous?) announcement can be found below.

Update (7/13/2011 12:15AM PST): It appears in a desperate course correction attempt, Microsoft is now claiming (as seen on This is my Next) they “aren’t production phones and shouldn’t be taken as indicative of what’s coming down the line”.