D9's odd Windows 8 video, unofficial transcript

At All Things Digital’s D9 conference on Wednesday, WSJ columnist Walt Mossberg and Windows/Windows Live head Steven Sinofsky took stage and spoke about/demoed the next version of Windows. Soon after, and as promised, video footage of the interview was released. With the less-than-stellar live blog job, I was looking forward to watching the entire recorded event.

But there was one problem. It wasn’t the raw footage. In fact, the footage was edited in about 20 different spots. Very few of the edits facilitated camera switches; most were during Sinofsky’s replies and the actual Windows 8 demo itself! What is this, FOX News? While the D9 staffers may claim the edits were to remove fluff, I can’t help but feel a slight malicious vibe here… perhaps to make the interview seem more dull? For example, one of the edited out segments was of Sinofsky firing back at Mossberg for asking why Microsoft wasn’t a part of the Gang of Four. (Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook in no order.) He replied, “Nothing called the Gang of Four ends well”, inducing a fair bit of audience emotion. Instead the video drones on.

Anyway, the interview video and my unofficial transcript is below. I did this by hand, so be nice if I made some typos. (I’ll be transcripting D9’s second and separately edited Windows 8 video to fill in some editing gaps later.)