Get your own Windows “Foam” 7 figurine!

A lot of folks have been asking me on Twitter for a Windows “Foam” 7 figurine. To serialize these requests, I put together a little form for folks to request one. Shipping these things sounds cheap but it adds up quick. I can’t incur the costs, especially after having my organs recently re-arranged, so I ask nicely for you to cover shipping (at your leisure). The form will be taken down after I reach about 50 unit requests per locale.

Those in the UK, Netherlands, or Europe should bug Tom Warren to unload his figurine stock. If you’re in Australia or Asia, Chris Walsh should be giving his stock shortly.

5/17/2011 4:29PM: Form is currently offline to ensure I don't 'overbook' the foamy seats. I'll re-open the form in a few days if inventory allows, thanks!

6/3/2011 5:02PM: Waiting for USPS to deliver more envelopes for me to resume shipping. And for those asking, the original US-based shipping cost was $4.75. My PayPal ID is simply my email (see top of site). Thanks!