John Mueller’s Professional Windows 7 Development Guide

John Mueller -- author of a zillion technical books and overall nice guy -- wrote in months ago, tipping me about his Professional Windows 7 Development Guide. I’m happy to announce his book is complete and available for purchase! (Stock is low, that must be a good sign!) Via Amazon, you can also read the first chapter for free immediately.

Mueller’s book starts with minimal Windows 7 lecture then immediately cracks dense topics such as the Ribbon, Multi-touch, Parallelism, and Sensors – including my very own Geosense for Windows. He doesn’t try to cover it all, nor could/should he; focus is carefully placed on real-world scenarios and organizes the book as such, appealing to those looking to get in and get out. Finishing the book, Mueller lights up the darker corners of Windows 7, covering Powershell script creation and advanced topics surrounding 64-bit computing.

This book is obviously of limited use for higher caliber Windows developers, but I definitely recommend the book for C# developers looking to quickly and easily get up to speed on Windows 7 development. I will be handing this book, for example, to my girlfriend Jenny today, who has a firm grasp of the C# language but not the underlying Windows platform. [cue ‘awwww’]

John Mueller's Professional Windows 7 Development Guide (Cover)Chapter-level ToC, with my favorites starred*.

[Part I: Introducing Windows 7]

  • Windows 7 Improvements
  • Developing a Windows 7 Strategy
  • Understanding .NET 4.0

[Part II: Working with the Windows 7 User Interface]

  • Interacting with the Taskbar
  • Advanced Taskbar techniques
  • Working with the Ribbon interface*
  • Creating custom Ribbon interface applications *
  • Programming for Aero Glass functionality
  • Working with the multi-touch user interface

[Part III: Developing secure applications]

  • Using standard NT security features in Windows 7*
  • Understanding the User Account Control
  • Developing applications with enhanced security*
  • Interacting with the built-in security features*

[Part IV: Advanced Windows 7 Programming]John Mueller's Professional Windows 7 Development Guide (Back Cover)

  • Working in the background
  • Using the Windows 7 Libraries
  • Writing 64-bit applications for Windows 7
  • Using Parallel Programming in Windows 7*
  • Using the Sensor and Location Platform*
  • Using Windows XP Mode effectively

[Part V: Working at the Command Line]

  • Working with Windows Powershell 2.0*
  • Creating scripts*
  • Creating Cmdlets*
  • Interacting directly with Powershell*

FCC required disclaimers:

  • John Mueller was kind enough to send me a courtesy copy of the book for placement on the blog (and obviously my personal enjoyment).
  • I’m a co-author of the aforementioned Windows 7 Secrets book
  • I love broccoli.