A few Windows Phone updates from MIX 2011

Dropping the ‘7’

With the next release of Windows Phone (codenamed Mango) inching closer, Microsoft has understandably dropped the ‘7’ version reference in the product’s title. The platform will now be referred to as Windows Phone. When referring to specific versions of the platform, expect to see the ‘OS’ suffix tacked onto the end (e.g. Windows Phone OS 7.0, Windows Phone OS 7.1).

Updated Developer Tools

The Windows Phone team wasn’t specific regarding timing on the new Windows Phone Developer Tools (WPDT) drop, but per the keynote May is the target. The tools will include juicy ‘Mango’ updates for Visual Studio, Expression Blend, and XNA Game Studio. And yes, this includes the new ‘Mango’ emulator image, assemblies, and controls!

I saw Mango at MIX… is that it?

If you attended MIX, you witnessed a sizable chunk of what Microsoft has in store for the Windows Phone application platform. Unfortunately, Microsoft is still mute on the shiny consumer features. I doubt we’ll hear anything about this until September, during PDC 11. (Or whatever it’s officially named.)