Windows Phone ZPM Project launched

If you’ve been following along in the Windows Phone 7 homebrew scene, you may have noticed stuff emerging that’s unfortunately limited to specific phones. For example, Julien Schapman of TouchXplorer fame, currently communicates with a HTC-specific driver for his file system activities. To avoid fragmentation of the homebrew community, and promote code re-use, I etched out the beginnings of a cross-device cross-carrier COM library. This library will (eventually) enable homebrew developers to use its abstract API, leaving the phone specific duties to the library. In other words, getting the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of your phone will be as easy as string imei = GetIMEI();.

You can keep track of the project and my Samsung-specific work all on Launchpad. The idea is that after a function is implemented across all devices, it’ll be merged into the trunk for general use.