That Windows Phone 7 side-load application limit was what again?

After pushing out ChevronWP7, the team has been receiving a flood of pessimistic and angry comments/letters. One of the arguments regarding the tool’s usefulness involves a limitation imposed by Microsoft – the number of applications you can push to the phone “on the side” (outside the Marketplace). Here’s how one conversation went:

The tool is useless. You can only push X number of applications to the phone. Afterwards, you have to make hard decisions on what to uninstall – jiggly boobs or psychedelic LED blinker…

Well, using the retail Windows Phone Developer Registration tool, that’s true. You’re allowed 10 (custom) applications. With ChevronWP7 version 1.0, the same applies. The tool can easily be modified, however, to accommodate more. I’ve included a picture below to prove my point. Would you like ChevronWP7 to support Int32.Max (2147483647) applications instead? Okay, done.