$500 worth of software for $47 (and 45 pennies)

The scary and ominous Appfather emailed me today, informing me of a software bundle he believes you may be interested in. This bundle includes software such as Contour, the software people use for TV and movie scripts, some indie games, and the more interesting USB to Ethernet Connector. Some of the software is junk, granted, but I went around and looked up the retail prices for everything offered and it accurately totaled up to nearly $500.

Normally, this bundle costs $49.99. But to knock off a few extra dollars (5%), you can use 4527C939FC7C06 at check out. What? A coupon is a coupon. If you have any problems with the purchase, let me know and I’ll yell at the Appfather for you. I ain’t scared of him.

FCC disclosure: I get a kick back for all my hard work.