Poll: What changes do you want to see in Windows 8?

(Thanks to the anonymous tipster whom indicated that the below poll is “pretty darn accurate” in terms of what’s being discussed internally.) Michael Pietroforte at 4sysops emailed me about a month ago, wanting to run a cross-technical-blog poll of sorts, garnering feedback to potentially help shape Windows 8. I agreed to participate, it sounded neat. I mean, it can’t hurt, right? Worst case, Microsoft simply ignores the whole thing.

Here’s how it works: Scroll down and follow the on-screen instructions. It’s pretty simple. At the conclusion of the poll, the results will be gathered from all the participating blogs – actually already done on the backend – and be published. If you have any questions regarding the definition of some poll items, don’t guess – simply refer to Michael’s post. (If Microsoft works on UAC, vice the bare-metal hypervisor, because of an errant vote… I will hurt you.)

Participating blogs: Demonic Talking Skull - markwilson.it - msigeek - Standalone Sysadmin - Teching It Easy: with Windows - The Experience Blog - The things that are better left unspoken - The Windows Club - WindowsPro - Within Windows (you are here) - 7tutorials4sysops