CoApp Design and Development Summit (Day 2)

CoApp package metadataFriday, woooo! Our first round-table went well; we were briefed on CoApp and had some preliminary discussions… but today we promised to be more productive. We all met in the lobby, as ordered, and walked again over to Bravern II… but there was a change in plans. We took a different set of elevators. We were whisked up the Bravern II tower to floor 23 (or so) and placed into a larger meeting room. Nice view from up here! This meeting room was double the size of the original, with a different table configuration. Rather than one solid piece, the table was broken up into modules that connected around the entire room, with the middle empty; a space reserved for the exotic dancers, I’m sure. One downside to this configuration was the lack of the Polycom CX5000 panoramic gizmo. We made do with Garrett’s travel webcam, though.

I visited the kitchen for breakfast then returned shortly after. Thirty minutes later… nothing happened. Where the heck is everyone, I thought. Time was flying by and we haven’t even started; Garrett was pacing back and forth, foaming at the mouth when… a group of people walked in, relieved someone had found them. It turns out, they were locked away in some corner of the building (due to keycard restrictions throughout). Whoops.

Settled in, we started discussing the finer points of CoApp packaging, like the metadata to be made available on every single package. Attributes name, description and author were straight-forward but other attributes like version number and type drew immense fire (and blood).

After hours of discussion, we tabled the discussion and jumped into Connect shuttles to raid the Microsoft Store of its loot. Despite having gone earlier in the week, I picked up a few items I missed, such as Microsoft Streets and Trips – admittedly for the bundled GPS device only – and some Xbox 360 ‘ware. (Retail pricing for Xbox hardware is crazy.)

Novamex's JarritosFor lunch, we walked over to The Mixer again. In line at a Mexican eatery, participant Nasser Dassi called me over, excited – he had located the Mexican Jarritos soda, made with real cane sugar. I immediately grabbed one. I also grabbed a rare slice of Tres Leches (three milks) cake on display. The cake, traditionally made with condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream, was absolutely kick ass.

We returned to the Bravern II building, full from both eating and shopping. Leaving the metadata discussion alone, we moved onto task delegation – basically, who will own/work on what piece of CoApp. For example, I’m responsible for the Microsoft Detours-powered tracing tool that will monitor an existing build process and spit out metadata, ultimately to be used in Microsoft Visual Studio project file creation. Sweet! (A list of all delegated tasks can be found on the wiki.)

Wrapping up work, we returned to the hotel and walked over to The Parlour Billards and Spirits for fun, where we had an entire private room to ourselves housing three billiard tables, a television lounge area and food all around. Trent Nelson and I, having a bit of fun, decided to peek into a room through what looked like an EXIT door… We discovered there was a comedy club next door and Jackass’ “Wee-Man” Jason Acuña was on stage! Sadly, a bouncer quickly discovered us and shut the door. Ass.

Closing the billiard shop, a few of us took the escalator down to Lucky Strike and finished the night. We all did poorly, but somehow I managed to come in first with a sub-par 105. Yikes. Perl guru Adam Baxter, however, scored the #1 position in throwing speed, a game only geeks like us would invent to exploit the lane’s measurement sensors.

It was a fun night. No, scratch that. A fun week. But all the fun had to come to an end at some point. A very special thanks to Microsoft, Tanya Young and Garrett Serack specifically, for everything. (Garrett: “That’s what she said.")