CoApp Design and Development Summit (Day 1)

Update: Tom identified the USB doo-dad, thanks!

Well, starting the series with a negative number didn’t work out as planned. I had to jump from Day –1 to Day 1 which doesn’t exactly make sense. Technically, this is Day 0. Let’s just pretend we have an off-by-one error and move on.

Dragging myself out of bed, I managed to make it to the lobby by the required 0730. I met a host of people alien to me, with an assorted range of accents ranging from Australian to Dutch. Everyone still a bit shy, we walked next door to Bravern II and met with Tanya, our event planner/logistical superstar. She handed us some stickers, one with our name to apply to our shirts, and another with our wireless access details. Ending our trek, we arrived at the meeting room; the room was standard issue, a large round table with convenient power and wiring access. At the middle of the table was a Microsoft Roundtable/Polycom CX5000 device neat USB doo-dad that provided a panoramic view of all meeting participants. In addition to providing a great view of the room, it had a secondary video stream that would always show the current speaker, using some sort of directional acoustics black magic. I want one.

Garrett's awesome presentation, "App Install Experience on Windows"

To kick off the meeting, Garrett gave an awesome presentation that defined CoApp and stated its goals. The presentation, unlike all the diction circling around the wiki, was given in a plain manner that even I understood. So what is CoApp, you ask? Errrr, hold off for the presentation video. (I’ll keep poking Garrett to get me a copy for post.) Looking around the room, it was evident that everyone knew CoApp wasn’t going to be easy. We’re changing how applications are compiled, developed, and installed on Windows – something that hasn’t changed in decades. This is ground zero. This is big.

Garrett: RAWRRRRRRRRR! Afterwards, we started The Discussions. (This part of the summit was my favorite.) We would introduce a topic, talk about Garrett’s initial implementation of said topic, then go ape shit about its flaws, change some details, and repeat … until it became “good enough”.

We had people taking notes via Google Docs, of which would then be formatted and placed into the CoApp wiki. Things were a cluster... – and being geeks, we all loved it.

Rather than describe in great detail what we talked about, I suggest you visit the CoApp wiki. If you have any questions regarding why something was spec’ed the way it is, feel free to let us know via the mailing list, IRC, or hell tweet Garrett directly. Feedback is critical at this point in development.

After we hit 6pm, we called it quits and went back to the hotel. Freshened up, we all met in the lobby again and walked over to Canadian restaurant Earls. Inside was your typical restaurant configuration and dark decor but we were taken through a hallway into a private room with a sliding door and huge table in the center. The track lighting prevented us from bumping into each other. The food was geared towards steak house offerings, and having had dinner with Jared, I wasn’t in the mood for steak. I did, however, spot (and order) a rack of ribs that was smothered in a delicious sauce, with some Vodka/Redbull grog. Near the conclusion of our dinner, the restaurant lighting dimmed to the point where we all had a hard time seeing. For indoor hermits to complain about lighting… yikes. Worse, if you found the bathroom, inside you couldn’t even see the toilet. That’s just stupid, if you ask me.

Filled with food and drink, we returned to the hotel and parted ways. ‘twas a long day…