CoApp Design and Development Summit (Day –1)

I Heart Burger and Sub Hump day. Again, the morning was saturated with importing photos, fixing a few up, and typing something up. I was running a little behind, due to the awkward schedule of the Connect shuttles, but no biggie. I met up with Wendy at Building 88 and tagging along with Paul Donnelly, we headed out to grab some mystery burgers. We pulled into a full parking lot and walked over to a little hole-in-the-wall eatery entitled I ♥ Burger and Sub [sic]. Clearly they only sell one burger and one sub here. This grammatical failure of immeasurable magnitude, Paul alluded to, must be a result of a multi-foreign-hand operation in all points of the sign’s life – ranging from initial request to creation and installation. Grammar aside, the burgers were unusually delicious. Paul, Wendy, and I could not identify what makes the burgers so delicious though, which makes your mind wander and wonder… Perhaps they sneak some sugar into their meat, a similar tactic used by Papa Johns pizza?

Back at the office, Wendy and I pushed Paul back into his cage and went to explore the infamous swag closet. Not an actual closet, but rather an empty full office, it contained a collection of marketing materials spanning from years ago – think Windows Millennium – to current day. I can’t go into detail as to what was in there, but lets say … cases of Corona? Loaded up with trinkets, I returned to the offices, said my goodbyes, tears streaming, and left Building 88. Paul and Wendy are good people.

The Keg!Walking out the door, my phone buzzed. Cullen Dudas was on the other end, reminding me (thankfully) of our meet up at Commons. We met, shook hands, and I left. I kid. We walked over to Studio A, a predominately (if not completely) Xbox-owned building. Sadly, I didn’t get past the welcome area, but it was nice to sit down and talk nerd.

Unlike the previous two days, I didn’t spend a lot of time on campus. I returned to the hotel and briefly met up with the CoApp guys in the lobby. Ex-IT ‘softie Jared Shockley showed up and we departed to The Keg, your usual awesome steak house. (On the way, we hilariously passed a Google building.) Jared had a piece of meat with some of contraption involving twizzly frizzy onion straws (or whatever the hell) and other assorted funniness. I had a New York strip with a mushroom-based sauce cooked to medium with a baked potato side, smothered with a three-cheese butter with a glass of Guinness. We chatted about all his horror stories from working at Microsoft, which were more hilarious than scary, then fairly contrasted with some warm, fuzzy stories.

I’ve had this draft in my Windows Live Writer queue all day, adding bits at a time due to amount of work going on today… so I’m going to end this abruptly -- I went to bed at the end. (Next update, covering Thursday, will be about our crazy meeting).