Symantec makes migrating to Windows 7 easier, cooler

I haven’t heard from the Symantec shop for a while, so I was excited to see an email from them today. While the email was ultimately a drive by request to increase product awareness, it had a cute video attached, depicting the bane of all IT managers around the world: Migrating from old crappy operating systems to a new shiny ones. I had to share.

In my experience, migrating from old to new usually involves the wiring together of pain-in-the-ass tools such as the Windows Automated Installation Kit, the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Windows Deployment Services (or whatever it’s called now), the User-state Migration Tool, and a bunch of custom scripts to fill in the gaps. Admittedly, some people have this down pat – I bow to thee.

Symantec took their exhaustive migration experience and bundled up a specific set of tools to make migration much easier – The Altiris™ Client Mangement Suite, Altiris Deployment Solution, and (the tool we’re all familiar with on the consumer side) Symantec Ghost Solution Suite™. I’m not acting solely as a mouth piece either, I shot a note to our IT guys upstairs who are actually in the middle of a Windows 7 migration – Little did I know (mainly due to my rebellious refusal to join the Active Directory domain), they’ve been using some of these tools with no major hitches. Neat.

If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. At least enjoy their cute video and watch my tweets (@WithinRafael) for a chance to nab a copy of Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery.