Microsoft Feeds aggregates Windows, Exchange chat for all

I received a nudge from the folks behind a nifty aggregator called Microsoft Feeds. (Glad they emailed, because I completely forgot about it.) For those that haven’t seen this by now, Feeds sucks in data from various sources, including Twitter, displaying Microsoft-related jabber from around the world in an easy-to-use timeline view. While old news isn’t very appealing to me, I do find it extremely useful in determining what the hot topic of the day is. You know, like that ridiculous “God Mode” shortcut.

Adding your own content is simple, too. Simply litter your content – blog post, tweet, rant – with either a popular product name (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Exchange 2010) or a few hash tags (#ms_feeds #windows7 #windowsserver2008 #exchangeserver2010). As I’ve included them all, I have a great shot at appearing on the timeline. Fingers crossed.

The catch? There’s no catch or sign up required, but keep in mind Microsoft reserves the right to filter what shows up on the feed. While photos of Natalie Portman will likely be axed (categorized as too beautiful), “genuine conversation” will not. Even when it’s talk about pirating Windows 7… Wait, what? My only complaint is that the feed cannot be widgetized for full-screen viewing (like on a huge TV).

Microsoft Feeds screenshot, "warez" in the timeline

Screenshot showing Microsoft Feeds aggregator and some genuine warez talk.