Computer Shopper Likes Within Windows

Blogs We Like Callout Graphic... or coaster?Back on the 16th -- (I’m bad with email) -- I received a note from Editor in Chief John Burek of Computer Shopper. A snip of it has been reproduced for your consumption below.

Hope this note finds you well. To introduce myself: I’m the editor in chief of the site (and formerly of the venerable Computer Shopper magazine, with which you may be familiar; it was founded in 1980 and stopped printing earlier this year). On our site, we started an editorial series earlier this month highlighting “Blogs We Like,” calling attention to PC-technology-related blogs that our editors and writers find worthy of note in various tech-blog categories. (So far, we’ve highlighted blogs in the PC-tech-help arena, and blogs that focus on Windows 7.)

Just wanted to let you know that Within Windows has been singled out as a “Blog We Like” for the month of December! We’ve done a brief writeup of it on the site at the following URL (as part of a slide show on our Windows 7 “Blogs We Like”):

Pretty cool. Oh wait, they called out Long Zheng too. Booooooooo.