Microsoft ends GPL saga; WUDT source code released

Back in November, I wrote about Microsoft lifting GPL licensed code for use in a Microsoft Store tool, more specifically the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. A few days after the initial report, Microsoft confirmed my findings and vowed to set things right.

Only a month later, access to the tool has now been restored and a new Microsoft Codeplex project has been stood up, housing all the source code for all to consume. I personally built the downloadable binary from the source, so I know it works as advertised.

WUDT source open in Microsoft Visual Studio (Form design view)

Figure: WUDT project open in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

You’re probably wondering... where did the ImageMaster project go? Microsoft unpublished the project from Codeplex after receiving a request from the author to do so. I suspect he freaked out after half the internet started linking to the project – understandable – and pulled the code. Here’s hoping the author returns...

For those curious, I’ll be submitting a patch to support imgburn-created ISOs, eliminating the need for my separate tool.