PDC 2009 (Day 1): Windows Ribbon Technical Deep Dive

After our keynote live blog (numero uno), myself, Tom Warren, Long Zheng and Andrew Lyle ran a few doors down to the Windows Ribbon Technical Deep Dive. It started out okay but quickly deteriorated after about 15 minutes. Why? Well it didn’t help that the speaker started implementing mass amounts of code via custom macros. The real downer, however, was the actual code itself. Why isn’t there a tighter wrapper for easier implementation? With third-parties wanting to emulate current Ribbon-based software out there, I don’t see an immediate need for the level of granularity they demo’ed. Kudos for trying though.

If you find yourself in the mood to write Ribbon-enabled applications, make absolutely sure you grab the Ribbon preview tool. You can easy cook and debug Ribbon UI XML with this tool. Some photos covering the recommended implementation steps follow.