Offbeat: and Nokia hate the environment, apparently

Paper turd blocking my passageLast week Tuesday, had a What’s Shakin’ deal on a neat little Nokia BH-208 Bluetooth ear-piece and car adapter for something around 12.99USD. I plugged in my Paypal details and was done with it.

Despite choosing the cheapest (free) shipping, I received the package in about 2 days. Pretty neat. But I was shocked to see such a large box delivered. After removing the protective plastic (was a wet day), I checked, re-checked, and triple checked the box to ensure it was mine and wasn’t ticking. Everything checked out.

I got the closest knife and cut into the box, revealing the usual paper-based filling. Before I removed the paper turd, I started thinking – what the hell did I order? This earpiece will fit in my ear right? *gulp*

With the paper removed, I dove into the box and recovered a large rectangular mold of plastic. It contained the Nokia ear-piece in its original packaging as well as the bolt-on car charger. I can understand why Nokia couldn’t re-design the original packaging to fit the new accessory – they need to rid themselves of existing stock – but was a little shocked to see the amount of wasted space here. And all for a mere cord…

Thankfully, it wasn’t that impossible-to-open-without-cutting-yourself-badly plastic. In fact, it was already nearly open when I removed it from the box. The contents? The ear piece, charger, and a small folded up piece of paper with 30-different-language boiler-plate legalese written all over it.

Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo EchoReally? Come on...All that, for these trinkets...

As a result of Nokia’s laze, yielding a larger-than-necessary package for such a tiny product, it appears upgraded to the next largest box in its arsenal – Gigantor. Despite their Go Green initiative, has zero stock of an in-between medium-sized box. This means you either get Cute n’ Small or Ridiculously Gigantic.


To conclude on a happier note, however, I promise to do my part and recycle all these materials.