Correction: Starter wallpaper more secure than I thought

(no, this is not an April Fools)

talkative_fishy Saturday, I posted a little blurb about Windows 7 Starter Edition and how the wallpaper could not be changed. In the article, I mentioned a workaround of simply replacing the img0.jpg file. In haste, I didn’t test it… I mean, what could have gone wrong, right?

It didn’t work at all. Sorry about that. Replacing the image will result in a beautiful black screen, identical to the one you see when you don’t activate your machine and run out of grace time (and time-bomb cheats). Why?

Microsoft was cute enough to embed code within shell32.dll that check if the seal has been tampered. More technically speaking, Windows generates a SHA-256 hash based on the image's contents and compares it to a hard-coded hash – that is BDB1C7176946A5013E57E28B46911BF04AB6DBB9402FA37464F563F502A11677.

The hard-coded nature of this hash strongly suggests that Windows 7 Starter Edition will only ship with one wallpaper and you will like it damnit. What do you think?