Executive: InfoWorld just kidding about Windows 7 beta delay

InfoWorld: Ha ha ha, suckers. Randall Kennedy at InfoWorld is making some noise this week, with claims Microsoft delayed the Windows 7 beta until early 2009 due to problems he identified in the alpha, developmental-copy given out at PDC this year. The beta was originally scheduled to launch in early 2009. Yes, you read correctly. Nothing really changed, the guy is just crazy.

My friend Bryant, who provided a more detailed analysis of Randall’s spew, manage to get Galen Gruman, Executive Editor at InfoWorld, to claim Randall’s post was all just a joke (in the comments section). Ha! Good one guys!

Just to set the record straight: Randall’s post on the delay of the public Windows 7 beta was a JOKE. Sorry some folks didn’t get it; perhaps it was too “inside” and assumed readers were following the various Randall-bashing and Microsoft-bashing posts out there at multiple sites (yes, it has gone both ways). Of course we know the public beta for early 2009 remains on that vague schedule and that the “pre-beta” releases for those Microsoft selects to give earlier release to are separate.

Galen Gruman
Executive Editor, InfoWorld