Windows Vista SP2 Beta Build 16489 released to testers

Identically to Service Pack 1 beta, Microsoft has started distributing the magical GUID to shove into select testers’ registries via a batch file. For those with build string fetishes, and to ultimately improve SEO scores, here you go: 6002.16489 (lh_sp2beta.080924-1740).

Before you can update, of course, you have to replace some of the underlying update gizmos with shiny new experimental ones that mutter Islamic messages. After that’s done, though, you can download the first Windows Vista SP2 build released by Microsoft. *twirls fingers in air*

After about an hour waiting for the service pack to scan my system, install, reboot, install, and reboot again, I poked around and guess what I found that was new and exciting?

That’s a good thing though. Service packs shouldn’t be used to drastically add or change functionality, unless it’s broken. Cough, folder type sniffing, cough. Fingers crossed.