Microsoft Tinker Extra released to Windows Vista Ultimate users

Amongst today’s release of yet more lethargy-inducing Dreamscene videos, was a cute isometric robot game put together by the creative Fuel Industries shop, for Microsoft (and ultimately us). It’s called Tinker and the objective is to complete levels by navigating the robot around various obstacles to reach the end. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, that’s what we all said about Portal

[flv: 600 376]

Finished all 60 maps already? While waiting for the next “regularly scheduled” push out of levels, you can download the very editor used by the team and build your own levels for exchange with friends. Or you could record gameplay videos. Or you could even try your hand at unlocking all the achievements and passing each level under par. Or you could just sit and listen to the music. You get the idea.

Productivity levels around the world will be at an all-time low this week. Let’s hope IT administrators can block this via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)…