Short: Report a leak and get into Windows “7” beta?

I received a storm of instant messaging traffic today, all unfortunately related to a single topic.

Apparently, Cullen Dudas, an overly-enthusiastic Microsoft do-good’er, is making his rounds today bullying everyone directly and indirectly related to the recent leaks of Windows “7” Milestone 3 screenshots (i.e. Paint). With the backing of Microsoft notables, such as Paul Donnelly and Drew Briggs, he provides an enticing offer: Give him information on leakers and he’ll get you into the Windows “7” beta.

According to his Blogger profile (amongst the other three million profile hits on Google), he can be reached at Send him all your tidbits and you’ll get in -- That is, if he, and Microsoft, can keep their word (while supplies last).


Update: Drew Briggs, I’m told, is not in Windows anymore.