Live Sync debuts in new Live “Wave 3” betas… sort of.

Digging around the new Live installer, I came across a “catalog” of products, used to inform the snazzy installer of download locations, integrity hashes and product descriptions. Amongst the pages of XML, there was mention of Live Sync, which has been speculated to replace FolderShare for quite some time.

After going back and forth with Microsoft a few times, a Microsoft Spokesperson finally had the following to say:

We are changing the name of Windows Live FolderShare to Windows Live Sync to reduce its association with a specific feature and improve our ability to incorporate customer input in future. Beyond the name change, we have no other new information to share about Windows Live Sync and it is not part of the betas released today.

For the tinker tots out there, you can currently download the Live Sync beta bits, but don’t expect to get past the Windows Live ID-powered gates. I tried typing IDCLIP and IDKFA to no avail. Maybe one of you will have more luck.

Update: Apparently my primary Live ID is the only one that doesn’t work here… Why am I not surprised?