Q: Can I resize a photo using Windows Vista? A: No.

I was chatting with a good Mac-expert friend of mine and she asked a simple question: “How do I resize a photo in Windows Vista without downloading extra software?” After pondering for a few minutes, I swallowed my Microsoft Windows pride and said: “You can’t.” The rest of the discussion isn’t appropriate for this blog…

I’m actually very disappointed I cannot perform such a common task in Windows Photo Gallery. Sure, you can automatically fix photos, adjust colors, re-balance, manipulate exposure, email, print, and hell even tag photos, but you can’t resize them. How embarrassing.

Maybe I should email Steven Sinofsky about this, so we can all enjoy a nine-hundred page dissertation blog post on why the Windows Photo Gallery team felt it unnecessary to incorporate such a feature. If we’re lucky, we’ll get juicy tidbits on Mozart too.

Nitpicker’s corner: I understand you can use the Email hack, but you can’t customize this list with your own resolutions (easily) and the thought of having to launch an email application, that I might not even have installed, is absolutely ridiculous.