Photoshop: Couldn’t complete your request. Something happened.

Critics love to bash Microsoft for their crazy Windows error messages at times, but this one, from Adobe Photoshop CS3, just blows my mind. Proof higher cost (649 USD) isn’t indicative of higher quality.

Thankfully, I remember this error. Phew. This is one of those generic errors that can occur for any number of reasons and has nothing to do with the aforementioned “text engine”.

Last night, I downloaded a slew of updates and accidentally selected an optional monitor update that I told myself I wouldn’t use (because of this very issue). The update is entitled Samsung - Other Hardware - SyncMaster 245B/245BW/245BPlus(Digital) and can be downloaded manually if you fancy. The update installs a custom ICM color profile which seems to screw up everything ICM-aware (e.g. Photoshop). Sadly, I know nothing about these profiles, but I’ll be sure to put it on the Things to Research list.

To remove the profile, I followed the easy steps listed in knowledge base article 939395. Don’t forget to reboot folks.