More faux Windows Vista sightings in The Day The Earth Stood Still

In January, Long Zheng and I had a field day picking out the crazy Windows Vista shots and product placements in The Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Today, while viewing the 1080p trailer for the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, I couldn’t help but notice the use of some familiar looking Microsoft applications.

On the right, you can immediately recognize Office 2007’s Ribbon UI in multiple instances of what looks like Microsoft Word 2007. On the left, you can recognize the Windows Vista wallpaper (zoomed in, not set to fit the screen) with a My Computer icon on the desktop. The existence of a window title and menus hints at some kind of virtualization product, but the foreground window has me confused.

The Explorer-esque window in the foreground lacks a search input box (the address bar runs to the edge of the window), and a Windows Vista Beta 1-themed Details Pane is placed at the bottom. The blue Details Pane at the bottom hints at the fact this is a My Computer window.

I spoke to Chris Holmes, who has the uncanny ability to memorize things like the color of an icon in alpha builds of Windows, and he agreed this is likely just some conceptual collage put together to make Windows Vista look cool. Or maybe it’s an early build of Windows Mojave?