2008 Beijing Olympics in Windows Vista Media Center… or not.

Brandon LeBlanc made some interesting noises today regarding the availability of some fancy TVTonic-based plugin for Windows Vista Media Center users. Today was actually the first time I started Media Center on my Windows Vista Ultimate (x64) machine. Woo hoo! After clumsily moving about in the menu, I found the NBC Olympics tile and launched it.

Looks neat. After a few more clicks, I got the installer fired up.

It was then that I was greeted with The Error Message from 64-bit Hell that always manages to squeeze a “this is fuckin’ bullshit” out of the purest of souls, like myself. Cough.

Reading the forums, it appears 64-bit support was planned for TVTonic version 3.3 in Q4 of 2007then Q2 of 2008 then an undisclosed period, known only as the time of the "next release” (since 3.3 already came out). According to a TVTonic Team member, they have ”been attempting to tackle this for a couple versions” but “somehow keep running out of time and have to drop it”.

Sigh. The Olympics are in seven days guys. Come on.

Sidebar: Yes, it really isn’t compatible. They use a custom 32-bit component that can’t be loaded by the 64-bit Media Center process. There’s no workaround to this. Really.