Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 beta spooling up

Just received an email regarding the highly anticipated and late Windows Home Server Power Pack 1. Snippet from email:

The Windows Home Server team is pleased to announce details of the public beta of Windows Home Server Power Pack 1. This public beta will include the fix for the data corruption bug described in Knowledge Base article #946676 as well as a host of other bug fixes and new capabilities.  The Power Pack 1 download is planned to be available in early June and Beta participants are encouraged to sign up and begin preparing now.

Although the corrupting-data bug fix is nice, I'm primarily focused on the availability of the x64 client that MVPs have been testing with in their little secret circles for ages now... (if I find any bugs in the connector software, I'm going to choke the closest MVP)

If you aren't signed up for the beta, head over to Connect, register, and locate the Windows Home Server beta program and apply. Given the beta is public, you should be automatically accepted.