Windows Live Mesh: Why you need UAC enabled

John Macintyre, the Group Program Manager for Live Mesh Client Platform & Runtime, has posted on the Live Mesh team blog about how Live Mesh client install works, and addresses the ultimate question: Why do I need User Account Control (UAC) installed?

There’s a technical reason why we impose this restriction:  In Vista RTM with UAC off, COM does not read the per-user hive, meaning COM objects registered per-user do not work.  Since Live Mesh installs per-user without elevation it is subject to this restriction... Fortunately there’s light at the end of the tunnel for users that run with UAC disabled.  Windows Vista SP1 has a change that allows per-user COM when UAC is disabled.  With the release of SP1, we have begun validating that Live Mesh fully functions with UAC disabled, but haven't yet finished our testing.  Expect this configuration to be supported in a subsequent refresh...

Thanks for the information John!