How to install Live Mesh client (AMD64) on non-US systems... my way.

There are many reasons for a beta to start in limited countries, whether it be technical, economical, legal or political. Regardless, earlier today Long Zheng posted a simple way to bypass the Live Mesh client system locale checks by... drum roll please... changing the actual system locale. Unfortunately, changing the system locale requires a reboot which is very irritating.

Error received on non-US English locale system

Rather than change the system locale, it's easier to skip the check in the actual executable. To do this, use your favorite hex editor (XVI32 in my case), jump to file offset 0xC32B (valid in executable version 0.9.2815.2), change the 74 byte to EB, save your changes, and finally double-click your newly patched LiveMesh executable.

LiveMesh.exe (AMD64) in XVI32, before byte change

Don't blame me if your computer starts speaking French. I'll expand on why you changed this byte in an article within the Hacks section later.