Bluetooth Toggle: The Second non-OEM Mobility Center Tile

Back in December, I put out the first non-OEM Windows Mobility Center tile that enabled users to control the state of the display, along with source code to both the tile and the bundled installer. Convinced it didn't catch on, I abandoned the idea long ago.

A few days ago, Scott Kurth shot me a few notes announcing the availability of his new tile that lets you control the state of your Bluetooth adapter. A screen-shot, of which I had to wrestle out of Scott's Flickr account, has been glued below. Great job Scott!

Feel free to download his tile (~1.6MB) and/or all the associated source code (~0.25MB). Neither of us are responsible if your computer turns into blue cheese.

Windows Mobility Cente, Bluetooth Tile

Picture: Windows Mobility Center, Bluetooth Toggle Tile
© Scott Kurth