John Connor's zero-day Windows Vista Exploit

Correction: Although aired on FOX, the show is produced by Warner Bros. I made my corrections, sorry. Tonight's Sarah Connor Chronicles debuted what appeared to be a critical flaw in Windows Vista granting users remote access to any machine in the world, regardless of Internet connection. Scary stuff. Oh, John: You have a spelling error in your program's screen output. I'll file a bug.

John Connor hacking, image 01

The 1337h4x code seen above makes use of media removal locking structures and device handles, very impressive for TV, competing for the #1 slot CSI: Las Vegas currently holds. I'd applaud FOX Warner Bros., but sadly this is Visual Basic-flavored code (and they don't return my emails). Yuck.

Other interesting shots are of the faux-Windows Vista user interface. Long Zheng pointed out some noteworthy items including the weird Netscape-looking browser, rounded Aero-like theme (on laptop shot), Aurora-inspired wallpaper, network-disconnected system tray icon, and red Start Orb (on PC shot).

John Connor hacking, image 02

Terminator computer use, image 01

Nitpicker's corner: I'm very aware there is no real security issue.