Seven shots of 7: Short Analysis

Windows 7 logoJust in time to compliment the slow trickle of Microsoft Windows 7 details, blogger "zhou" at ThinkNext posted some screenshots of the recently built 6519. The screenshot lot consists of the usual version numbers and useless windows, consistent with an amateur Microsoft Windows user and alpha quality software. Let's compare "ooh, that's interesting" notes:

Windows "7" Start Menu:

  • The XPS Viewer EP appears to have been bundled with the operating system. If this is true, we'll be hearing about Adobe vs. Microsoft soon.
  • Additional link added in Start Menu -- Help and Support (mine was just off)

Windows "7" Display Control Panel Applet:

  • DPI scaling, resolution, etc. options appear to be integrated into cleaner applet. Hopefully this doesn't turn into another Network Center...
  • New Aurora side-panel looks much nicer.
  • Unlocked Search bar! I hope the Explorer customization possibilities increase!

Windows "7" Notification Area:

  • Hidden icon management appears uglier.

Windows "7" Desktop:

  • Take note the Windows Sidebar has either been removed or its Sidebar resource replaced with a complete transparent PNG.
  • Rumor is Sidebar gadgets are more tightly integrated with Windows Explorer, with the left/right sides of screen only being dock points.
  • New feedback gadget is uninspiring and depressing to look at.
  • I hate that clock gadget.

Windows "7" About Window, Windows "7" Control Panel Items, and Windows "7" Welcome Center:

  • Snoooooze.

Nitpicker's Corner: I am aware eight (8) screenshots are on ThinkNext. The PowerShell screenshot offers absolutely no insight into the underlying operating system and therefore was omitted. Oh and "Eight shots of 7" wouldn't be as catchy of a title.