Amazon joins mumbo jumbo bandwagon

Amazon parody logoYesterday, I commented on some misinformation that had surfaced revolving around Microsoft's plans to deliver another Plus!-like product. Despite Future Store, a major Canadian online retailer, having its catalog amended and ITWire, an Aussie technology site, having received an email requesting to remove its uninformative news article, the spread of misinformation appears to be continuing... Today's shining star:

According to Amazon, the Windows Vista Plus! Pack is "filled-to-bursting" with amazing games such as The Bicycle Card Collection and... oh. my. A trial copy of Pandora's Box, voted Best Puzzle Game of 1999 at E3. Release date on all this? March 31, 2008.

Those of us that have been around for a while will should instantly recognize these games as part of the Microsoft Plus! Game Pack delivered back in Microsoft Windows Me days. As much as some of us would love for these games to be revamped, it isn't going to happen.

Honest mistake or the work of a nostalgic catalog nerd? News at 8...