Blue's Clues: IE 11 Desktop to get IE 11 Metro swipe navigation

Just a few days ago, an early build of Windows 8 "Blue" leaked to the Internet. In the past, Paul and I would collaboratively write up a feature and feed both of our blog machines. For "Blue", we will instead write separate but complementary posts where Paul focuses on the end-user while I stick to the technical grit.

As Paul notes, Internet Explorer 11 Desktop now features a swipe-based navigational feature, similar to the one found in the "Metro" versions of the browser.

But it's not enabled by default nor configurable via the UI yet. You can enable this feature via Internet Options -> Advanced -> Turn on the swiping motion on Internet Explorer for the desktop.

So to play with this feature, navigate -- using the Registry Editor -- to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DesktopSwipe and set the Enabled value to 1.

A restart of Internet Explorer 11 is required.